The situation is a collaborative blog, exploring the lives and politics of the moment and the current position in which we find ourselves. It’s politics are undefined free flowing, and entirely based on a case by case analysis of the world which believes in no blue print or structure, but the one which suits. It’s  core principles however are rooted in the anti authoritarian tradition, against government, hierarchy, and capitalism; and it’s outlook is prefigurative (a mode of organization and social relationship that strives to reflect the future society being sought).

The situation strives to criticize the world as it exists now, break those parts which are bad, and create in their places the world we want to see. We believe that inside everyone is the potential for self organisation, self governance and policing, self liberation, and self security and that neither state nor capital can ever (or should)  be the limit of our existence, imagination, or practice- Every heart is a revolutionary sleeper cell.

Pieces are added and created as and when they are written, when they seem relevant, and about those subjects that interest their writers; anyone is welcome to contribute an article to the situation provided they stick to its political principles, and their words do not subjugate, divide or attack people based on difference (e.g. sexist, racist, ableist  homo/trans/queerphobic,  or other oppressive opinions will not be included).


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